In the last election, I promised to provide public safety through public service; specifically by focusing on improving three important areas.
Visibility: I drive a marked police vehicle and proudly wear a full uniform to work every day. This ensures that I am a highly visible and easily recognizable presence in our community, and sets the tone for our entire Office to be seen by the public on a routine basis.
Accessibility:  we have significantly improved our accessibility to the public that we serve by focusing on professionalism in our operations.  I believe that simply being courteous and friendly makes it much easier for the public to interact with us in an effective manner.  I routinely attend many different types of events to ensure that I am accessible as your Sheriff, including school, civic, church, recreational, and social functions.  Additionally, I personally handle numerous emails, phone calls and office visits on a daily basis.
Accountability: I consistently attend the County Board of Supervisors meetings and have built strong working relationships with our state and local officials.In doing so, it has helped our Office to find collaborative ways to address challenges in a fiscally responsible manner that is fully accountable to the public we serve.